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Total Tone- 7-8am

Cardio Circuit- 8-9am

HIIT 50/50- 9-10am

Pulse PUMP- 10-11am

Calorie Crunch- 11am-12pm
Hard CORE- 12-1pm

Stability- 1-2pm

TREAD Tabata: Tabata is 8 rounds. Each round has 20 seconds of exercise followed by a 10 second rest. Includes cardio and strength exercises.

Power UP: This class is  full of strength training exercises exclusively for your upper body.

Cardio Circuit: A circuit with anywhere from 5-10 cardio exercises that will be run through continuously to keep your heart rate up! 

Low Target: Targets your lower body by using strength and cardio exercises.

Calorie Crunch: Contains workouts designed to burn the most calories within an hour.

Total Tone: Created to tone and tighten all of your muscles.

Flex: This is a 30-min class that focuses on flexibility, which is essential for healthy muscles.

Hard CORE: 60 minutes of core induced exercises that will leave your abs burning!

HIIT 50/50: 30 seconds of  high intensity exercise followed by 30 seconds of low intensity/ rest.

Pulse PUMP: All workouts in this class contain pulsing exercises to increase the intensity.

Bootycamp: a Bootcamp designed to target your booty

Stability: Incorporates exercises that focus on balance to work those smaller muscle groups while working the larger ones.

Mommy & Me:A workout that will have Mommy & baby happy and healthy.


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Pulse PUMP- 7-8am

TREAD Tabata- 8-9am

Low Target- 9-10am

Power UP- 10-11am

Mommy & Me- 11am-12pm
Bootycamp- 12-1pm

HIIT 50/50- 1-2pm


HIIT 50/50- 7-8am

TREAD Tabata- 8-9am

Pulse PUMP- 9-10am

Low Target- 10-11am

Cardio Circuit- 11am-12pm
Power UP- 12-1pm

Bootycamp- 1-2pm

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Bootycamp- 7-8am

Calorie Crunch- 8-9am

Stability- 9-10am

HardCORE- 10-11am

HIIT 50/50- 11am-12pm
Total Tone- 12-1pm

Pulse PUMP- 1-2pm

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Stability- 7-8am

Cardio Circuit- 8-9am

Total Tone- 9-10am

Mommy & Me- 10-11am

HardCORE- 11am-12pm
Low Target- 12-1pm

Calorie Crunch- 1-2pm

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